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Adstriton is a global advertising network. We distribute advertisements through our publisher network. Our main focus is on Performance, Security and Privacy. We have various types of advertisements, including Direct Ads, Banner Ads, Popup Ads, Intext Ads, and even Auto Safelink. It only takes a minimum of Rp 1,000 ($0.1) via Bitcoin to make a withdrawal, and Rp 20,000 ($1.5) via Bank Transfer. Immediately register your website/blog and you will get an easy and fast review, any website is accepted except for pornography, gambling, viruses/malware, phishing, scams, and other illegal sites.

Adstriton is built with modern architecture and algorithms to produce optimal performance.

We encrypt everything that is important to provide a high level of security. Fraud prevention system is important, we are constantly developing algorithms to prevent bad traffic.

Unlike other advertising networks that profile and try to track whatever you do, we have a more efficient way to distribute targeted ads. We understand privacy is very important and we strive to protect your privacy.

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